The Belinda and Michael Story

In early 2000 we adopted our first dog as a couple. Sandy the West Terrier X was saved from a pound in West Melbourne. HIs influence on our lives can not be discounted.

We soon found that living on a rural property we weren’t able to find dog beds suitable for our outdoor and active lifestyle. Even as a small dog we would go through dog beds like nappies. That is when Belinda decided to start making her own beds from canvas off-shoots and using Australian cotton fill from the local neighbours. We found the tough outer canvas were fantastic in our weather and beared the brunt of the seasons.

The problem was time taken to construct these. They were in essence bivvy sacks but shaped as beds. We soon got in touch with a bivvy manufacturer who allowed us to make a small run of canvas dog beds. These turned out a treat and we were soon sold out, all buyers from the Goulburn region!

Since Belinda took a sabbatical she soon got the idea to take it to the next step. It had to be Melbourne! So we opened up a tiny 4m x 4m store (or stall more like it) at Vic Market and on our first day sold 20 dog beds. This was just the one style!

Fast forward 10 years and we’re still selling at the market, albeit with another 5 styles of beds to choose from. Our 4×4 stall is now 10×10. Now with the launch of we’re hoping that the all of Australia will be our store!

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