Keeping your dog warm during the winter

Melbourne just went through it’s coldest July in decades and its not just humans that feel the chill, our pets too! Many breeds aren’t as capable in cold weather (especially short hair or naked breeds) so we need to make it super comfy. Here are a few basic tips

  1. Coats: Use only for suitable dogs. If your dog is a double-coated breed with a thick coat of fur, don’t go against mother nature and give them an extra coat. That will affect their natural insulation.
    Read up about your breed and coat type. If they are naked or short haired, good chance they need a coat but double check first!
  2. Indoor or sheltered! Dog’s are hardy creatures but leaving them outside while the cold snaps can impact their health drastically. If they are an outdoor dog at the very least give them adequate shelter like a proper INSULATED kennel
  3. Look at their diet. Give them the best nutrients possible and tailor the calories depending on they are active/inactive, indoor/outdoor and breed type
  4. A warm dog bed. We’re huge on raised dog beds for all seasons. In the summer time raised beds help minimize fleas and provide airflow underneath the beds for a nice cooling effect.
    During the winter, raised trampoline dog beds are amazing as air tends to be the coldest at floor level. Even raising a few inches will help minimize chilly drafts that would underwise hit your dog.
    We recommend the range of amazing raised trampoline dog beds at Not only do they include the base trampoline frame but the multi-purpose mattress on top can be used as a waterproof side or soft plush sherpa wool side. Check them out!
  5. Keep them dry! Water kills insulation property of fur and coats once soaked. It’s the same principle when a down jacket gets soaked; all insulation is gone. Keep your dogs dry especially if they are outside. Know they can dry off or give them a helping hand.

Hope you love our simple tips for winter. If you have any, you’d like to add please get in touch with us!