From a market stall to the internet, the new Dog Beds Online by Belinda and Michael

Belinda and I are glad to invite all to the newly launched site. We have been working on our new range of dog beds and dog accessories since 2013. These are all in addition to the current range we have been selling at Victoria Market since 2005.

A sneak peak of what we have installed:

photoshoot for dog beds
our latest dog beds

We have been so grateful of the thanks and support received from our customers during this time. the words of encouragement and feedback have allowed us to continue making the best hand-made dog beds in Australia (well we believe so!)

Our West Terrier Sandy passed away last year which has left a big hole in our hearts but his memory continues to drive our business today. None of this would have been possible without his influence in our lives and we’ll be forever grateful of his time with us. He had a great innings (16 years!!) and I’m sure he’ll be in heaven with his fluffy cloudy dog bed 🙂

Thanks and regards,

Belinda and Michael Schuz